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About Us!

For us, ice cream is more than just a treat. It's a way of life! As a born and raised East Coaster one thing I noticed moving here to Southern California from New Jersey was ice cream just wasn't the same.  A majority of the time when you want a classic cone you have to sift thru a long list of "flower-y undertones" or "vegan/sugar free/minus the good stuff tastes".  It just wasn't cutting it. I grew up in a family that valued our classic ice creams! Not a get together goes by without an ice cream run. It's a universal language.  Literally a timeless classic that's been around since before sliced bread!

When COVID turned the world on it's head and everyone was spending all their time hiding at home, the only living thing who may have been going more stir crazy then me was my pup Bailey! We'd sit day and night inside our 4 walls missing the park and the walks and the interactions of the past.  But there was a glimmer of hope. Each night Bailey and I would sit on the couch and each enjoy our very own whipped cream bliss. This was our special "Whipped Cream O'Clock".  Bailey let me know each night as the time approached for her special bowl of whipped cream. She even let her brother Blaze in on the action.

We'd share photos of our evening ritual with those loved ones we missed most. And in exchange we'd get a glimpse into other's at lock down puppy and human whipped cream and ice cream relief.   Knowing that we'd get a bowl of delicious whipped and ice creamy goodness each evening that would connect us to the outside world in the way only dessert can made me realize...I had to make ice cream my new goal.  There was no better feeling than seeing the smiles and wagging tails of those we missed so dearly during such a difficult time. Nobody frowns during whipped cream o'clock. So, I made a plan!

Searching and searching for the perfect vessel to bring ice cream smiles to those close by, I came across HER! My special "The Bailey Bus!" A fully restored 1957 Grumman Olson Step Van.  Just waiting for us to top her up with whipped cream and love! She arrived in November of 2020 and the work began.  From top to bottom we turned her beautiful bones into our very own classic Ice Cream Truck.  We vowed to have flavors for everyone and Bailey Bowls for our puppy pals.  We couldn't wait to bring smiles to those close by!

And thus...Whipped Cream O'Clock began! With a few bowls, some puppy pets, and a lot of time to plan how to bring some happiness to all of you! We are so excited to share our love for ice cream and whipped cream with all of you(humans and pups too)!

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